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DIY Roller Blinds: How to Choose where you buy from and Install Blockout Roller Blinds Online

The Challenge of Buying DIY Roller Blinds Online - Just Measure and Install, Right?

When searching to buy DIY roller blinds online, the vast number of options and sellers can be overwhelming. From custom made blinds to blockout and motorised roller blinds, each type boasts unique benefits that can transform any room's aesthetic and functionality. No matter where you are in Australia, it seems easy to find quality roller blinds that fit your style and budget. But is it really that simple?

Assessing Value for Money in Roller Blinds

  • Observation: Most sellers that advertise high-quality blinds with solid warranties often price their products closely together.

  • Questioning Value: However, does a similar price point truly guarantee value for money?

  • Importance of Scrutiny: It's crucial to scrutinise the details, especially concerning the hardware and fabric used by the manufacturer.

Acmeda RB09 system for roller blinds

Understanding the Importance of Hardware in Roller Blinds:

  • Hardware Quality: The durability and smooth operation of your blinds largely depend on the quality of the hardware used.

  • Warning Sign: If a seller doesn't specify the hardware they are using, consider this a red flag.

  • Our Choice: We choose to use the Acmeda RB09 system, renowned for its exceptional quality and designed right here in Melbourne by Acmeda.

  • Comparative Superiority: Despite claims that other systems or brands might be superior, our extensive experience and customer satisfaction rates consistently affirm the reliability and superiority of the RB09 system.

  • Innovation and Copying: Many competitors have attempted to copy Acmeda's older hardware models, prompting Acmeda to seek patents for their newer systems.

  • Cost vs. Quality: While there is a slight premium of around $5 or $10 more per blind due to this innovation, it is minimal compared to the substantial markups on lower quality products by other sellers.

  • Personal Verification: Don’t just take my word for it, compare for yourself on our online store versus others not offering the RB09 system.

  • Instant Quote Link: Instant quote from my store

Fabric Quality and Transparency:

  • Importance of Transparency: The transparency about the fabric used in roller blinds is a significant indicator of its quality.

  • Issue with Non-disclosure: Sellers who do not disclose the brand of their fabric often resort to using non-branded, lower quality materials.

  • Warranty Concerns:

  • Offered Warranty: Many offer a 5-year warranty.

  • Challenges in Claims: Claiming this warranty can be difficult, as issues are often attributed to 'user misuse' rather than actual flaws in the product.

  • Recommended Brands: For assured quality, look for reputable brands like Shaw, Texstyles, Uniline, and Wilson.

Why Choose DIY Custom Made Roller Blinds Over Off-the-Shelf Options for Your Window Treatments:

  • Tailored Solutions: Custom blinds offer the perfect opportunity to tailor dimensions and materials to meet your specific needs.

  • DIY Advantages:

  • Personal Touch: If you're inclined towards DIY projects, the process of creating DIY roller blinds is straightforward, allowing for a highly personalised touch in your home decor.

  • Fabric Choices: Roller blinds are available in a variety of fabric options:

  • Blockout/Blackout: For complete privacy.

  • Light-filtering: Provides soft ambient light.

  • Sunscreens: Reduce glare while preserving your view.

  • Enhanced Functionality:

  • Dual or Double Roller Blinds: Offer a versatile solution by combining two types of fabric in one system, achieving both aesthetic and functional excellence.

  • Motorised Options: Incorporating motorised blinds in certain rooms can elevate convenience, allowing for easy adjustments with just the push of a button.

  • Further Exploration: To learn more about customising your blinds to suit the unique characteristics of each room, visit our detailed blog on this topic here.

DIY Roller Blinds Installation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing roller blinds can be a highly rewarding DIY project. Not only is it cost-effective, but DIY installation also allows you to precisely customise your blinds to fit your window frame. This customisation ensures a perfect fit, maximising both light control and privacy in your space. The process itself is straightforward: it typically involves mounting two brackets onto the window frame using four screws. Given the simplicity of the installation, professional installers often charge about $30 per blind, which underscores the savings DIY installation can offer. For more detailed instructions, check out our comprehensive installation guide here.

Essential Tools and Techniques for DIY Window Furnishings

You'll need basic tools and a clear understanding of your window furnishings. Measure blinds carefully to avoid common pitfalls. For those who can’t DIY, professional installation services are available across Australia, ensuring your roller blinds are installed correctly. Here is a guide on how to measure up for roller blinds.

The Benefits of Motorised Roller Blinds: Convenience and Enhanced Control for Window Furnishings

benefits of motorised roller blinds

Motorised roller blinds offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to control light and privacy at the push of a button, through timers, or via voice commands. Surprisingly, in an average home with about 15 blinds, most remain unused. A study by the US Department of Energy (couldn't find a study in Australia) estimates that 75% of blinds stay in the same position daily because manually adjusting them is too time consuming. Considering that standard double pane glass windows can allow about 30% of a home's heating energy to be lost and about 76% of sunlight that falls on these windows converts to heat, using roller blinds effectively becomes crucial for energy conservation.

So, how do you maximise their potential? Motorisation. With systems like the Automate Pulse 2 Hub and Zero motors, you can set all your blinds to run on autopilot, operating automatically. This not only saves energy but also ensures your rooms are always beautifully lit and maintain privacy effortlessly. Discover more about how motorisation can transform your home in our detailed blog on the subject here.

5 Year Warranty on Fabric and 10 Year Warranty on Hardware: The Gold Standard

When selecting roller blinds, it's essential not to settle for anything less than a 5 year warranty on the fabric. Quality and durability are crucial, and a robust warranty reflects the manufacturer's confidence in their product. As for the hardware, you simply can’t go past the RB09 system by Acmeda. This hardware, designed and rigorously tested in Australia, stands out in a market flooded with alternatives tested only by the manufacturers in China. These competitors often produce hardware so inexpensively that they can afford to replace it easily if it fails, their warranties are based on replacement rather than long term durability.

Acmeda, on the other hand, conducts its own comprehensive testing to ensure that their hardware can confidently withstand 10,000 cycles, with one cycle defined as one complete up and down movement. If you use your blind just once a day, that equates to approximately 27 years of reliable operation. Their warranty isn’t just a promise, it’s a guarantee backed by precise mathematical calculations and rigorous testing protocols.

Conclusion: Ensuring Quality and Satisfaction in Your Roller Blinds Purchase

Choosing the right roller blinds for your home is more than just about aesthetics; it's about investing in quality and functionality. As we've explored, the market offers a plethora of options, from DIY roller blinds to fully motorised systems. It's essential to scrutinise not just the price but the details like fabric quality and hardware durability. Remember, a higher upfront cost might mean better quality and longer-lasting satisfaction.

The importance of solid warranties cannot be overstated. Opting for roller blinds with comprehensive coverage like a 5-year warranty on fabric and a 10-year warranty on hardware ensures you're protected against potential defects. Our preferred choice, the Acmeda RB09 system, highlights the value of choosing well-designed, robust systems that are tested and proven in Australian conditions.

So, whether you're outfitting a new home or upgrading your existing space, consider these factors to ensure you choose blinds that not only look great but also stand the test of time. For those interested in DIY projects, the satisfaction of installing your blinds can be immensely rewarding, both personally and financially.

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