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Choosing the Best Roller Blinds: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: May 30

When it comes to choosing your window coverings, roller blinds offer a versatile and stylish solution suitable for any Aussie home. The most common roller blinds are available in two main types, chain operated and motorised. The chain operated system represents the standard roller blind seen in the majority of homes, standing as the most common type of blind on the market. To discover the benefits of motorisation, you can learn more here. In this guide, we'll explore the factors that determine the best roller blinds for your needs, including the latest innovations in hardware, the finest fabric options, and the aesthetics of a beautifully designed final product.

You can purchase roller blinds from large retail stores at great prices. And frankly, if the price is your main concern, you may as well stop reading now. As a manufacturer, I've done my homework, and my business model is centred around simply offering the best products on the market. No smoke and mirrors, no used car sales tactics—if you ask me a question, you'll get the straightforward answer.

The Heart of the Roller Blind: The Hardware

At the core of any high quality roller blind is its hardware. There are many hardware options on the market, and manufacturers are ultimately the ones who choose the hardware that you end up purchasing. You're buying a roller blind but they are usually not informing you of which hardware they are using. That means they may or may not be choosing the hardware that is the best quality, actually, it usually comes down to profits over customer satisfaction, and i know this first hand as I wasn't always a manufacturer. Which leads me to the best hardware on the market, drum roll... the Acmeda RB09 system is by far the best in the business, winning in functionality, innovation, and aesthetics. Acmeda have left no stone unturned and they back their products with a 10 year warranty. Let's explore:

  • The Idler: The only Idler on the market that adjusts in 1mm increments up to 10mm, providing less friction on your blind by allowing the perfect amount of tension during the installation process. This leads to longevity. Also has a clear plastic cog that allows you to take down the blind instead of using a screw driver and damaging your blind. Aesthetically it looks better than any other idler and it screams quality.

  • The Chain Winder: The only Chain Winder on the market to be tested and designed in Australia, and the only Chain Winder tested in Australia to 10,000 cycles, with 1 cycle being an up and down motion. It comes in 3 options: standard, chain guide, and geared, this innovation showcases the pinnacle of design and functionality.

  • The D30 Bottom Rail: A silent bottom rail featuring an anti-banging system by using a very small clear plastic tube inserted into the back, which dampens noise when banging against windows and window frames, which also stops marking on architrave and reveals.

Acmeda RB09 Roller Blind

Aesthetics: More Than Just Window Covering

The appearance of your roller blinds plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of your room. Choosing the right colour, texture, and design can complement your interior decor and elevate your space. Brands like Shaw, Texstyle, Uniline, and Wilson offer a wide range of fabrics with a 5 year warranty that cater to different styles and preferences, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your home.

Fabric Choices: The Key to Functionality

The fabric of your roller blinds affects not just aesthetics but also functionality, particularly in terms of privacy and light control. Check out this blog where we dive deeper in to fabrics for roller blinds.

  • Blockout Fabrics: Ideal for bedrooms and spaces requiring darkness. Blocks out light, ensuring privacy and tranquillity. Recommended for shift workers, nurseries, or home cinemas.

  • Light Filtering Fabrics: Perfect for areas where natural light is desired without the glare. Softens light, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and dining areas.

  • Sunscreen Fabrics: Offers excellent UV protection while preserving outside views. Ideal for living spaces with scenic views or high sun exposure. Maintains visibility and light entry, reducing sun damage to interiors.

Choosing Consistent Patterns and Colours:

Select fabrics that feature uniform patterns and colours to combine different functionalities while ensuring a harmonious aesthetic across your home. For example, Shaw's 'Linesque' range is available in both blockout and light filtering options, allowing you to use the same fabric design on all windows, with some featuring blockout and others light filtering. Additionally, you can coordinate this range with a sunscreen colour. This method guarantees both functional versatility and visual consistency. Trusted suppliers such as Shaw, Texstyle, Uniline, and Wilson provide a broad selection of appropriate choices.

Considering Functionality and Installation Location

The selection of roller blinds is significantly influenced by the specific doors and windows in a space. It's essential to closely examine these features for any obstructions such as handles and mullions (the aluminium part that encases the glass) that might impact the installation and functionality.

  • Sliding Doors: For doors, opting for 2 or 3 smaller blinds can enhance functionality. This setup allows part of the blinds to remain down or up while the door is open. Often, door handles can obstruct the blinds, necessitating a face fit installation on the architrave for unobstructed operation.

  • Windows: Reveal fit blinds, mounted within the window's reveal, are preferable for windows as they maintain a sleek profile without protruding excessively. However, certain window designs, especially those with protruding handles or mullions, may require a face fit installation to accommodate these features without hindrance.

Combining Rollers and Curtains

Don't shy away from mixing roller blinds with curtains. In living areas, a sheer curtain can soften the room's aesthetics while providing an additional layer of light and privacy control when used in conjunction with roller blinds. There are curtain fabrics that match roller blind fabrics, such as the 'Linesque' range I used in the example earlier. Many homes have blockout roller blinds with a sheer curtain at the front, usually found in living rooms and bedrooms. This combination allows for versatile light management, softens the room, and adds functionality to your window coverings.

The Importance of a Good Warranty

A solid warranty is a sign of confidence from the manufacturer in their product's quality and durability. Look for roller blinds that come with comprehensive warranties that cover both the fabric and the hardware. This not only provides peace of mind but also assures you of support in the unlikely event of any issues. If your fabric doesn't come with a 5 year warranty, run the other way, and if your hardware doesn't have a 10 year warranty, it won't go the distance. Acmeda's cycle testing is actually how they determine the period of warranty. That's not say it will break after 10 years, to put it in to perspective, 10,000 cycles is up & down twice per day over almost 14 years.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

The manufacturer plays a crucial role in the quality of your roller blinds, as I outlined earlier. Choose a company with a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. Manufacturers who offer detailed product information on the hardware and fabric, installation guides, and after sales support are the reliable choices.

The Bottom Line

When determining the best roller blinds for your home, it's essential to weigh up various factors. This includes being aware of the latest innovations in hardware, selecting from the finest fabric options, and ensuring that the final product beautifully complements your home's aesthetics. By dedicating time to research and make informed decisions, you can purchase roller blinds online that not only enhance your home's visual appeal but also meet your needs for privacy and light control effectively. High-quality roller blinds are more than just a purchase; they are an investment in your home's comfort and style, designed to endure through the years.

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